Friday, February 05, 2010

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Sunday, August 05, 2007

She smiled, she lived the moment -Reliving someone else's experience

"S's" voice wasn't the same. It changed the moment she started narrating it. It was perhaps only the second or third time that "S" had spoken to me in this voice.
I am attemting to put down her experience in my words. I know I may not be able to do justice to the feelings, the emotions, the sentiments...... but will try. It's that voice of hers which makes me write this one.
They were 7 gorgeous ladies out to have fun. They wouldn't be 7 unless "A" came. But why wouldn't "A" come? Well, "A" isn't like all of us.. atleast for the conventional thinkers..rather we dont let her be like all of us. "A" needs a friend's hand to help her stand, to sit, to move... thats it..
But the rest of the 6 couldn't do without "A". "A" as usual did not want to bother them, ruin their plans, waste their time in taking care of her and a million other reasons. But I sense, deep within she wanted to fly, live that moment.
The 6 wouldn't take no for an answer and there she was.. travelling with them... towards an experience which would fill her with life.
The skies opened as if to welcome them, the grass was softer than ever to take away all the discomfort, the usually slippery paths seemed easy to tread.... it was as if the elements of nature were waiting for them.. for "A"....
The waterfalls beckoned them.. the 6 helped "A" to a comfortable place to sit and went ahead to enjoy the waters. "A" looked.. watched..... yearned.....Was it her eyes which spoke or was it something the 6 felt or did the waters convey the message that they missed "A" or was it everything together... At this moment I could sense the slight quiver in "S's" voice as she continued narrating..
The 6 moved towards "A" with something in their minds or so i suppose...would "A" want to join? Was it true what "A" heard? Would fear take over the desire or would desire rule? Her parents wouldn't have even thought about such a thing..Would "A" go?.....I think "S" knew "A" would...
The 6 put out their hands, held "A".. for "A" it was a journey she would never forget...Onlookers offered to help..but the 6 knew it was their moment.. they had to live it...
And then it happened.. her feet touched the gushing waters.. and time stood still... she settled down in the waters helped by the sure there was pain.. but when time stands still do you really feel any pain?
Her face said it all... it was her moment.. she smiled.. the smile turned to laughter.. all pain drowned in the depths of the waters around her....the 6 laughed...the 6 absorbed the moment.. the ripples clapped....they had finally met "A".....
As they enjoyed the moment, there was a sense of fulfillment which gripped each one of them...and am sure all those who watched this amazing spectacle also felt the same..
"S's" voice was conveying so much without saying much..and I was trying to relive it.. I will never know how it was to be a part of it...but every word "S" said brought me closer to that experience...
I do not know how long that moment lasted but for "A", for "S", for all the 7 it was foreever... a beautiful moment for some very beautiful people...beautiful, gorgoeus because such an act can only be done by people who are beautiful, gorgeous at heart..they wished it never ended...
But when it did end... they had their best gift.... "A" was smiling...beaming....
Am sure the rest of the trip was fun too..but this was the best part of it...."S" paused.... remembered "A's" call after they got back home....."thanks S" said "A"....
Am sure "S", the 6 ladies will always try to give many more such moments to "A"...
"S's" voice changed...the experience had ended... or so it seemed.....she was back to the way she spoke normally...but I know she enjoyed it... lived it... made me live through it too... Thanks S......
God bless the 7...

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A woman who is my wife

I first heard about her through her cricket articles. But I never knew the face behind those lines. Very frankly I did not know if she was a she or a he. But the passion in those words was more than visible.

Then, I saw her in management school. She was a batch junior to me. And she stood out. No she is not the “heart-throb” types or the “make your neck turn around” types. But she was “ENERGY” personified. Always ahead in a lot of things (even controversies). She seemed interesting (I know she will hit me for this).

Our initial interactions were not particularly amicable. (Imagine a guy, on the first day of college, telling you that you are good for marketing when the lady is hell bent on majoring in finance). Then the same guy shouts at you for late submission of forms and again when she fails to get the right medicine required by a recruiting manager.

Cricket got us together. Her knowledge and true passion for the game amazed me. And then when I was just about to leave college, we got together. Things moved pretty fast after that.

26th December 2004 – we finally tied the knot. And life changed – for me, and to a very very large extent for her. She is one who values her opinions a lot and the “mid-way out” is the last resort she can think of.

I cannot count the number of incidents where the change was such, which tested her a lot. She may have her set of complaints (I should rather say views) but she went through them all.

Views, opinions, outlook, ---- all are very individual oriented. And hence she also has them, in fact some very strong.

But that’s what she is. And two days later, I see the same lady whom I had first seen in college. The way she conducts herself through everything, the way she keeps our life going is something, which only a woman can do. I salute that species not for their endurance, but for their basic nature to bounce back and survive (rather make a happy life) out of any situation.

Then came the time when I was transferred outside India on job. And as always there were these thoughts by my family members about how I would be alone there and hence she too needs to move with me. And how conveniently her entire career was just set aside. Thankfully that understanding exists between us that she would move only if she gets something worth leaving her job here. And am sure would have done the same thing for her.

But that’s not the point. She as a woman has surpassed all my expectations and I feel so small in front of her. It may seem that her actions are what a woman would usually do. But that’s what makes them special.

She is ready to move, give up a lot of things, which have been an integral part of life. She will be away from her mother, her dear ones forever. How does that compare to me being away from my folks for a few years? It’s just a drop in that vast ocean.

My dear wife, I hope I can make your life a bit better in some way, though I would want to make it the best in every way. Apologies for everything and my best wishes and prayers for all your endeavors.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Mumbai's less spoken life line

The mere mention of Mumbai, gets people (atleast Indians) discussing about the mammoth railway system - the local trains. They are the life line, the arteries etc.etc. of the city.

True, but what makes this system stand strong. It has a less spoken about support system - the BEST(Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport Undertaking) bus network.

The ease and simplicity with which this network operates and thus supports the local train network is unbelievable.

And how many people know that this existed:

Travelling in mumbai is really better than other parts.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Who says work places are boring?

Want to make your work place interesting? Try this

Whose choice is it any way?

Does anyone have the right to end anyone's life? Well read this and decide for yourself "who should decide"?

Seems heartless on part of the father, but trying putting yourself in his place.